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Bathrooms & Kitchens in Roehampton, SW15

February 24th, 2013

Our team went to Roehampton this week to investigate a damp leak at our client’s home.  We found out that it was the toilet that was leaking. Unfortunately we also discovered some extremely dangerous wiring which had been installed at the same time as the toilet. As craftsmen have to guarantee their work for several years we suggested that our client call the firm that carried out the work to come and fix it.

We also checked over the lighting in the bathroom. We checked the wiring and replaced spot light  bulbs as needed and fitted a new shower head.

And last we fitted a floor threshold and fixed the knocker on the front door.


Handyman jobs in Barnes, SW13

February 15th, 2013

This week our handyman got to work for a client in Barnes. Jobs included installing a new dimmer switch, patching walls and tightening leaky tabs in the bathroom.


This week in Streatham

November 9th, 2012

We have spend 2 days in Streatham this week to bits and pieces for one of our existing clients.
On the electrical side we have fitted new light switches and units and replaced bulbs. We have also carried out repairs to a faulty doorbell.
We then tiled the box unit in the bathroom and removed and resealed the edge of the bath.
We have investigated a condensation problem, applied filler to the wall along the stairs where a previous lodger was rather careless when moving furniture etc.
And finally in the kitchen we painted the door frame and installed a new mixer tab.